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Customer Care

We will work with you to have you as a returning customer and a referral customer. You are welcome to contact us for piece replacements, or should you have any other questions. All our games are handmade and doubled checked for consistency of quality and care. We take pride in our creations. All sales are final, but we will work with you in how to better assist you.

Privacy & Safety

We use your email to provide you with information about our new products and Blogs. We don not share or sell your Information to third parties.

We use Square and Paypal to run our credit card and selling transactions. Credit card users, we don't have any records of your card information, all the transactions are encrypted.


Wholesale Inquiries

Please call us directly (612) 208-5237. We will work with larger orders and consignment. We stand our quality and brand. Please check our Custom Products in order to better serve you.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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